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Hello! My name is Samantha Eldridge. I'm 19 years old, and I'm a sophomore at Ball State University in Indiana. I'm currently studying Telecommunications with a concentration in video production. Basically, I love to create. I've been in love with the art of making videos for a long time, and I cannot wait to forge my own path and work everyday to get better!


I made this website as a way to visually see my progress. What better way to know you're getting better than when you have a place to compare your old work to your most recent ones? If you're interested in my creative journey, you're more than welcome to come along for the ride. 


As for what I will be creating, that's pretty much still up in the air. I love so many different types of videos, so many different genres, and I'd like the chance to explore as many as possible. Though, I am partial to narrative stories, so that's what I'll probably mainly end up producing.


My goal is to get better. That is a goal with no expiration. It is a constant process, and one that requires constant dedication and evaluation. It is also a goal that cannot fail as long as effort is constantly applied. I hope I succeed in my efforts.


So , allow me to explain the tabs on my website. The Stream tab will house my livestream, which takes place on Twitch. I stream whenever I can, and all the assets I use in my stream I made myself (cam overlay, intermission videos, transition, etc.)  If you are interested in video games, I'd recommend checking that out. The creative videos tab will house any videos I make. If you are interested in short films, vlogs, or opinion based videos, that is where you can find those. The podcast tab is where I'll house my podcast, PostEnter. PostEnter is a podcast about themes in entertainment as they're relevant to me. This can include opinions and thoughts on video games, movies, shows, and books. Finally, the blog tab is where I'll blog my creative journey through words. If you would rather read my words than watch my videos, that is the place to go. I'm sure I have something that will suit you, and I hope you enjoy the site I have put together!

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